Mission Vision and Motto


To  prepare children to become self reliant productive individuals with clarity precision and independence. To inspire children to embrace  challenge  and find joy & self worth through achievement.



Our aim is not just to create another face in the crowed but to nurture each student in to developing a personality which has the resolve to do the nation pride.Love,Tolerance,Brotherhood,Humanity,Patriotism,Sensitivity To The Environment, Nationalism, Courage To Bear The Life’s Contingencies and to take up cudgels on behalf of the under privileged are the hallmarks of our students.DCS endeavors to provide a genuine and holistic education in a stress free environment where students are inculcated with a spirit of enquiry .We not only train them to find challenging careers but also to face the complexities of life.



Love  , Truth    and Service is the Motto  we bear . Love , Truth And Service is our lifelong prayer, Guiding our footsteps everywhere. Working hard with the will to succeed .We strive to give of our best. We try each day to work and play  .For each life must be lived with zest. Growing strong as we live a full life, We face each challenge unbowed Protected by our God and Father. DCS  stands strong and proud.