About Us

DEEPTI CONVENT HR.SEC. SCHOOL is a Christian institution, open to all children of all communities – run by Aradhana Society, affiliated to  CBSE BOARD (New Delhi). It aims at all round development of the Child – physical, mental, emotional, moral and spiritual. The main challenges of the school are academic excellence ,perfect discipline, personality development and quality management. The school  runs classes  from  Nursery to 12 th with science and commerce streams.



DEEPTI CONVENT HR. SEC. SCHOOL Aghanpur , Dharampura with all its might welcomes you. DCS is a school with an innovative vision in the field of education and personal excellence. Remarkably , DCS adhere to the very basic purpose of international standard of education .DCS is heading towards a d3eviation from the conventional system of education. This is however doesn’t mean departure from the actual teaching and educating practices. The fundamental concept of the school is to reduce the generation gap in the entire field, by the time the students get mature and enter into the practical aspects of life .DCS is not just a school. It is a place where the cradle of wisdom lies. It is a place where the children learn more practically about body, mind, world and the scientific developments. All the basic concepts of education is cocooned to capture the mantle of human philosophy and its existence. The school understands the coeval maturity. We make the children vie, whiz kids and boisterous .It is an abode for the children. We make our children to hoopla their future ambitions. That is what DCS stands for.