Principal Message

Dear Students,

Greek Philosopher Heraclitus once said “It is impossible for the same man to step into the same river twice. No matter how short be the interval between the first and the second stepping, both the man and the river have changed.” Change, then ,is the essence of life. It is immanent and an universally occurring phenomenon. So it is with the behavioral patterns exhibited by the students nowadays. There was a time when the teacher was the most respected figure in the society. The words uttered by the teachers would be the ultimate truth for the students and they would even counter their parents by upholding the veracity of their teacher’s statements. A slight, accidental touch by the teachers while walking in the class would make the child feel so special throughout the day.

But unfortunately, a morally upright student is now a thing of past .Cross competition and selfish materialism has given birth to very self centered students for whom values like respect, love ,kindness and so on obviously take a backseat. Nowadays the children get everything very easily. They are rarely denied of their wants as a result of which they lose the value and worth of anything. This is reflected in their behavior too. They are not prepared to take ‘no’ for an answer. It is true that as they mature, they realize that the larger society cannot be tailor made according to their designs. But then it becomes too late and the students become anomic. Education plays an important role in enabling a person to take a real life situation with adequate knowledge. School is a temple of learning and in Deepti we making our best effort to give quality education to our students.

It is only after leaving school that one really appreciates the feeling of having belonged to the school. This general feeling of “Belonging”, of being wanted is so necessary to our happiness but here at school now we seem to take it so much for granted, whether we are a part of a sports team, or class or club or even part of a DCS family .

Just as every child gains something from school, so he or she gives something in return either good or bad depending on the giver. Establish your school in your hearts and in your minds as something of which you can really be proud.

It is here that education plays an important role. The curriculum should very subtly integrate moral values. It should be such that it prepares a smooth sailing of a child from student life to being a worthy member of the country. Even today, when compared to the rest of the world, our schools are safe for the students. Therefore, each one of us- the parents, teachers and the students- should join hands to build a better society, with a bright future.

In this pursuit of excellence, I appreciate our parent fraternity for supporting the school in every aspect. I also laud the relentless efforts of our teachers for giving their best in bringing out the best in each child. But I would exhort the students to be always modest, humble and disciplined, while being ready to expand the horizons of their knowledge and skills by dreaming big and working hard.

We all have a choice, we all have a say:

We are spectators in life: or we get in and play,

Whichever we choose: how we handle life’s game

The choices are ours: no one else is to blame.