Facilities – Infrastructure


The school is equipped with the latest computer technology. This will help the students to update the knowledge in the field of science and technology of education. Our specially trained computer faculty will put all their efforts to make the child computer wiz kids. In addition to this the entire classrooms are established with multimedia projection system to make our children smart kids.(Teach Next and Edurite).


The D.C.S. library is especially intended for student and its key purpose is to enhance the learning curve of students and improve the understanding of the subject, power to think and strength problem solving skill in order to make students indigent , Independent and self reliant


The school provides flexi-boarding for students from K.G upwards to suit the requirements of students and their families.
Full Boarding The subjects availing full Boarding option stay with the school throughout the entire three terms and visit their homes only during the vacation (summer, autumn & winter) Hostel facilities only for girls.


The transport facility is available on schedule routes for day scholars.Approximate time for each bus stop on various routes of our buses is given .The routes and stopes are ascertained on the basis of convenience to parents and their wards and they are subject to change from time to time on the basis of change in fuel prices.